E-Commerce Companies

Save time and energy for both the courier and the end user to be able to deliver or pick up the package flexibly.

Cargo/Courier Companies

Increase your distribution capacity and reduce operational costs by avoiding return deliveries. Improve air quality for your customers by reducing local traffic and emissions.

Communal Living Spaces

Ensure complete security of deliveries by eliminating the complexity of the delivery flow that concierges or security are responsible for accepting and holding on behalf of residents.

Shopping Malls/Supermarkets

Provide your customers with a stress-free shopping experience. In addition, attract customers by placing prizes in the unit with bonus points earned from purchases made from the mobile app.

Sports Halls/Universities

Offer fast and reliable solutions for your customers and students’ deliveries. Simplify the delivery management process and keep pace with the transformative mobility ecosystem of the future.

Business centers/Technoparks

With I-Locker, eliminate courier traffic for both private and business use within Technopark and business centers. Find a solution to the delivery problem of your companies and increase their productivity by eliminating package management risks and costs.