For E-commerce, Cargo Companies, Commercial Buildings and Communal Living Spaces; Safe, Convenient, Specially Designed Delivery Unit Solutions

Innovative logistics solutions

24/7 Secure Delivery

Offer your customers 7/24 delivery at shopping malls, train stations, etc. easily accessible locations, while they maintain their daily lives.

No Waiting for Packages

Prevent missed deliveries with I-Locker without keeping your customers waiting in queues during cargo processes.

Contactless Delivery

Ensure all deliveries are received or sent using a QR code without hygiene concerns.

What Is ILOS ?

ILOS is a company that offers smart cargo delivery solutions and develops high-tech. You can receive, send, return or even entrust your deliveries 7/24, contactless and safely with I-locker.  I-locker has customizable solutions for e-commerce, logisticians, commercial buildings and communal living spaces.

I-LOCKER adds value to our solution partners with its maximum customer satisfaction, priority policy and innovative, technology supported products.

I-LOCKER It aims to create a sustainable society by providing a transparent-traceable supply chain with carbon-neutral package delivery.

Advanced Features

Ilos offers two different delivery unit solutions to meet all needs.

I-Locker Classic is delivery units that operate with a custom-configured display.

I-Locker Eco is screenless and completely app-controlled.

Thanks to solar energy, fast and flexible installation can be made without the need for wifi and electricity lines.

I-Locker Classic


I-Locker Eco

Mission & Vision

Carbon Footprint

To reduce CO2 emissions per package

Systematic Solution

To meet customers’ mobility needs by eliminating local congestion.

Satisfied User

To provide maximum customer satisfaction by eliminating stress in package delivery and return processes.

Trouble-Free Delivery

To be a recognized and preferred manufacturer by making the cargo process as smooth as possible for the courier, retailer, end consumer and everyone involved in the chain.

Innovative technology

To provide innovative high technology and a sustainable ecosystem to all its stakeholders.

Robust I-locker Network:

To form a long-live I-locker network that can be easily integrated and managed in any location.

Modular and Special Design

I-Locker units which are developed with the install and run principle can be commissioned indoors and outdoors. I-Locker modules can be added or removed at any time in the location where it is installed.

Likewise, Rack types can be configured without an additional integration fee. Depending on the need, new designs can be created with different modules and covers.

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